About Foresight Security LLC

About Foresight Security LLC

When you need a dependable, fully-automated, home security system to protect your property in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you need to contact Foresight Security.

Whether you seek more home automation to control dozens of different devices from a remote location or you want to upgrade your security system to include smart door locks and smart garage doors, our security specialists can help. We will secure your home or business on a 24/7/365 basis, making sure to integrate all of your devices to the point that you can monitor and control things on a round-the-clock basis through a mobile app.

By partnering with Alarm.com, we make sure your home or office is safe, secure, energy-efficient and cost-effective. Our primary areas of expertise include:

In particular, we cater to customers who use technology to enhance their convenience and lower their utility bills with a safe, smart and simple approach. We offer everything from fire detection to 24/7 monitoring services and make all parts of your home or business environment safe and secure, whether you need additional monitoring indoorsoutdoors or both.

We Are Your Home Automation Experts

Whether your primary focus is convenience or security, our home automation systems will sync with various smart home devices to boost your quality of life and make your home or business safer. Some of the home automation systems we install include:

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  • Smart Thermostats - This allows you to remotely adjust the temperature settings.
  • Smart Scheduling - You save energy, as well as energy costs, by creating automatic schedules to control your HVAC components, appliances, and smart devices.
  • Smart Locks - Control your security by being able to lock or unlock door locks while you're away.
  • Smart Lighting - Save energy and enhance security by turn on and off your lights with remote access.
  • Smart Garage Doors - Enjoy the convenience and security of being able to open or close your garage door from wherever you are.
  • Voice Control - Control your smart devices with the sound of your voice.