Voice Control in Dallas-Fort Worth

Voice Controlled Home Automation in Dallas - Fort Worth

Voice controlled home automation is extremely accessible and easy with the Amazon Echo. With Foresight Security and Alarm.com's learned skill for the Amazon Echo's voice-controlled assistant, Alexa, you have the ability to manage your smart devices just from your voice commands.

Whether you want to turn off your lights, adjust the temperature, or make sure your home security system is on, you can do so hands-free just by speaking to Amazon Alexa.

Comfort Control

Voice control makes it extremely easy to manage all of your home automation and smart systems by the sound of your voice commands. This is a great convenience for keeping your home comfortable because all you have to do is ask Alexa what the current temperature is and ask her to adjust the temperature to your preferred setting.

Lighting Control

Controlling your smart lights is made even easier with voice-controlled home automation. You can turn on/off various lights or a set of lights all at once using different commands such as, "Alexa, turn on the hallway lights."

Voice-Controlled Security

With voice-controlled security, protecting and securing your home only takes a few seconds to do. Thanks to Alexa and your smart locks, garage doors, and home security system, you can check the status of these devices and lock them. You also get the ability to record video from your security cameras.

You can even control multiple settings at once - such as locking all the doors when you turn on your security system. All you have to do is customize your automation settings for your voice commands.

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Foresight Security is the Name to Trust for Voice-Controlled Home Automation in DFW

With Foresight Security, you can integrate all of your smart systems with each other for complete home automation. For more information about our voice-controlled home automation installations and other smart home systems, contact us at 123-456-7890.